To: All Interested Persons
From: Miami Dade County Expressway Authority
Date: July 1, 2016
Subject: Engagement of Independent Registered Municipal Advisers by OPFC

Please be advised that the Miami-Dade County Expressway Authority (“MDX”) represents that it has engaged FirstSouthwest, a Division of Hilltop Securities, Inc. to serve as its bond financial advisor (the “Financial Adviser”) with respect to all matters relating to the issuance of bonds by MDX, municipal financial products and other matters. The engagement by MDX of the Financial Adviser specifically includes the evaluation of proposals made to MDX by third parties, including broker-dealers desiring to be engaged as underwriters for municipal securities issued by MDX and other matters relating to the issuance by MDX of municipal securities or utilization of municipal financial products. MDX is represented by and will rely upon the advice of its Financial Adviser.

The Financial Adviser has represented to MDX that it is an “independent registered municipal advisor” within the meaning of Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) Rule 15Ba1-1(d)(3)(vi).

MDX is providing this statement in order to assist any broker-dealer (and any other third party) in determining whether an exemption is available to it under the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule pursuant to Section 15Ba1 of the Exchange Act (the “Rule”) in connection with any information, proposal or recommendation provided by such person, in advance of such broker-dealer being engaged by MDX as an underwriter or otherwise. MDX makes no representation as to the sufficiency of the foregoing for such purpose and specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability with respect to compliance with the Rule by any third party other than with respect to the accuracy of the representation made herein.

Although MDX will endeavor to post notice of any expiration or termination of the engagement of its Financial Adviser, anyone seeking to rely on such engagement should seek email confirmation that such engagement is currently active. All unsolicited proposals must be directed to the Financial Advisor and the MDX Chief Financial Officer, whose contact information is below.

This representation may be relied upon until June 30, 2017, unless otherwise indicated by subsequent notice posted on this website.

Marie T. Schafer, CPA
Deputy Executive Director/
Chief Financial Officer
305-637-3277 x1136

Randy Topel
FirstSouthwest, a division of Hilltop
Securities, Inc.